Samsung Gear S3


Samsung Gear S3 is the third release to the Samsung’s series of smartwatches, the Samsung Gear. It was released in November, 2016. Well it’s been more than a year and a half old and many of you might be using it. But in a case you haven’t and if you’re looking forward to buy it and need an honest opinion about whether you should buy it or not, then you are at the right place.

Samsung Gear S2 has Samsung Exynos 7270 1GHz Dual core processor with a 1.3 inch 360 x 360 pixel Super AMOLED display with Gorilla Glass protection. Talking about the RAM, a 768 MB RAM is fitted in the watch with 4 GB internal storage. Connectivity options include Wi Fi, Bluetooth, NFC and best of all it supports 4G networks too. It comes with Accelerometer, Barometer, Gyro, Heart rate monitor and an ambient light sensor. It is IP68 dust proof and water proof. A 380 mAh battery powers the watch which as well, supports wireless charging. Tizen 2.3x Operating System is installed in the watch.

Samsung Gear S3 is basically designed for healthcare and fitness monitoring purposes and to very extent, it gets the job done. The built in GPS and heart rate monitor work well with a moderate accuracy. The size seemed to be pretty good and it’s obvious that it might not look good on every wrist. The display is very good and perfectly bright. The rotating bezel does ease your work navigating around the watch interface. Although there is a touch screen feature in the watch, but still the rotating bezel does help a lot. The automatic workout detection feature is also good. If you are running or doing something dynamic, the watch automatically monitors the activity after 10 minutes and estimates your calorie burn. The battery life is pretty good though. You’ll get around 2 days backup once charged to the brim. Unlike other watches, which need to be charged almost once a day, the Gear S2 does well with the battery. The speaker of the smartwatch is also pretty good with good enough sound. There’s a power saving mode to prevent the unnecessary battery drain.

Though the Samsung Gear S3 stands out in every aspect and is loaded with the ultimate features and hardware, but the only thing pulling back is the lack of Apps. The lack of apps supporting is still low. The same problem was with the former releases of the Samsung Gear smartwatches. There are hardly 3-4 apps other than the inbuilt apps, which seem to be useful. In the modern era, where mobile apps can do anything, the Samsung Gear S3 lacks the availability of apps. But there are so many apps for gear s3 which are very useful for us.

To sum up, here is a list of pros and cons:-


  • Built in GPS
  • Wi Fi connectivity
  • 1.3 inch 360 x 360 super AMOLED display
  • Touch screen interface with a Rotating Bezel for navigation
  • Built in speaker
  • Nice IP68 water and dust proofing


  • The results are not accurate enough
  • A bit heavy
  • Lack of apps
  • Quite Expensive


The Samsung Gear S3 does seem to be interesting and cool as advertised, but it does not hold the ground for the money. It costs around 28000 INR and it hardly pays off as far as the performance and more importantly, usability is concerned. There are hardly any useful apps other than the inbuilt ones, which clearly indicates, very limited usability. It is a bit heavy too. The battery life reduces by 50% if multi tasked. Overall, it is not as worthy as anticipated.



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