Pros of Facebook marketing in the new era of marketing


In the current era of marketing Facebook marketing strategies plays the vital role in success of any business online. The impressive but yet overwhelming user statistics of Facebook, ensures it remains a very powerful and useful social media and marketing platform. The modifications to Facebook algorithms in December 2017, has reduced the organic reach of most posts by businesses. It is to this effect, that Brandon McCormick, the director of communications of Facebook opined that, “Facebook never promised that everyone who liked a business post would see each post.” Nonetheless, a couple of elements are required for an effective Facebook marketing strategy and these would be expressed below.

Scheduling Facebook posts- Having a peak and off-peak posting strategy, is very important for a Facebook marketing plan. While, it is broadly conceived that, scheduling posts during peak period is the most favourable marketing strategy- understanding the rationale behind off-peak marketing, is also vital. Posts made during off peak period, have a higher percentage of organic reach- due to less competition, more visibility and content sharing amongst your audience.

Posting relevant questions- A great way to effectively engage with your audience on Facebook, is through asking relevant and captivating questions. Posting questions that relate to their interest would prompt more likes, comments and shares. A good example, for a company that sells running apparels and footwear, would be to ask a question on what motivates people to run a 10k, half marathon or marathon- which would open the doors for more comments and interaction.

Respond to comments: It is quite alarming, to witness several business pages on facebook, that have a countless amount of comments from the audience- yet to be responded to or that takes a long time for a response to be made. This does not encourage other members of a company’s audience, to participate on a given page.

Use of visual contents like pictures and videos- Utilising visual contents like videos, pictures and infographics that captivate, arouse, inspire, excite, amuse or educate your audience are an integral part of an effective Facebook marketing plan. It is generally believed that, a picture is worth a thousand words, so a lot could be said about a company’s product or service through a relevant visual content.

Simple contents tailored to the audience– Authorities within the social media marketing sphere like Neil Patel believe that a monumental mistake made by some companies, is to share contents that mostly portrays the interest of the brand and not the audience. Consistently sharing a simple but a well-tailored content that represents the interests and preferences of your target audience is golden. The ultimate sin of social media marketing is to treat a brand’s Facebook page like a company’s website, billboard or blog, where mostly the interest of the business is heralded.

Social media analytics via facebook – Facebook has a built-in analytical tool that expresses the reach, engagement and conversion percentage of posts and paid advertising campaign. In addition, the number of likes, comments and shares a post attracts, indicates the success or failure of a given marketing strategy. An ability, to measure these outcomes against the set social media marketing goals of a company, is critical in continuing, tweaking or completely changing a given approach.

Marketing on Facebook, is still a vital element to a company’s overall marketing strategy, but incorporating the aforementioned elements are critical for the success.



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