How the Era of Marketing industry is changing Nowadays

How the Era of Marketing industry is changing Nowadays

Q1. What is the future of Digital Marketing Worldwide?

Scope of Digital Marketing in is enormous, literally. The past few years have lead to sort of a Digital Boom in Global business environment and marketing agencies. It is an amalgam of technology mixed with data-driven marketing which operates over the digital platform i.e the internet for the introduction and promotion of various goods and services. From Big Fish Brands to small-time start-ups, digital marketing has helped all to achieve their respective goals.

There is a broad Digital Marketing scope at present as the digital media is the new media that works with the help of internet and has proved to be the fastest medium of mass communication.

It leverages the purpose of making sales, brand awareness, establishing a new venture, becoming a freelancer etc.

We can see enormous & dynamic job profiles related to digital space on all job portals which clearly suggests the shift of working trend.

The current market status of Digital Marketing shows that the industry is at its peak and is here to stay for the obvious reasons.

This Shift is observed in all age groups. From 18-year-old freshers to people with work 30+ years of work experience as well. Reason being that people are able to see and draw the line between what they planned to pursue earlier and what are they getting now. They are able to recognize the ROI which they are going to get after pursuing this. From freshers, college graduates, working professional, household ladies, for businessmen. Digital marketing is for everyone.

Digital media is gaining mass attention because of the fresh air it has got with itself. It’s like living in a new era. We are experiencing a revolution, while we are shifting from the traditional to the Digital media.

Q2. Explain how Digital Marketing Training can be beneficial for a Fresh Graduate?

Pursuing Digital marketing training opens various opportunities especially for a Fresh graduate. It can provide extra points to their resumes while applying for a job. If they want a career stream change, digital marketing can provide an absolutely risk-free way to change it and start from scratch.

Also, in general, digital marketing jobs for freshers give much more salary packages when compared to mainstream career options like engineering, MBA etc when compared to its ROI.

For a regular college student, it can provide more than decent earning source because they can handle work from home projects as well.

If a Fresh graduate doesn’t wish to go for a job, digital marketing gives enormous opportunities for them to become financially independent on their own by learning affiliate marketing.

If they wish to be an entrepreneur and have an idea that they want to work on, digital marketing provides a surefire way for them to launch a product and start its marketing with dirt cheap investments as compared to traditional marketing methods and work their way upwards & make it big out there.

Q3. How Digital Marketing can be beneficial for a Business Owner ( Traditional Businessman ) ?

Businessmen of today’s era have understood that digital marketing has clearly overshadowed their traditional marketing methods. At first people were a little reluctant in shifting of the trend, but now they have recognized it quite well. Here are the following ways which prove it can definitely be beneficial for them.

1. Advanced targeting: For a conventional businessman, promoting a new product, brand, company takes a great toll. Furthur saying, it is much more costly and doesn’t give any data to analyze for their campaigns which compared to digital marketing, it does.

2. Instant engagement : By using advanced targeting methods and exploiting different platforms such as social media and internet in general, it gives a way to launch a product instantly and receive traction on it. Then that data can again be used to improvise to drive more sales and conversion.

3. Knowledge: It is also really important for a traditional business owner today to have a sound knowledge of how things work in Digital Space. Having said that, it makes it possible for them to hire employees in that field and manage them. It would be really difficult for a traditional businessman to manage everything if they don’t know anything what their employees are doing. So, this point brings out the most important reason that why a Traditional businessman should hone themselves about aspects in digital marketing.

4. Return of investment: Any business cannot be imagined without any kind of investment. Investment can be in terms of money, time and effort.When compared to conventional advertising and marketing models, digital marketing is much more efficient, cheap and enables the business to target a set of audience using their demographics, location, interests. etc

Q4. How Digital Marketing can be beneficial for a Startup Owner?

The most common characteristic of all start-ups is that most of them are on a shoestring budget. Before the dawn of the digital era in India, launching a start-up was considered very risky. High budgets on Advertising and marketing on Tv channels, print media. Etc were the most demotivating factors then.

Now is not the same case. Using digital marketing strategies enables a start-up to carry out all brand awareness, marketing and conversion campaigns with literally minimal amount of investment.

It provides an instant traction which helps the start-up improvise on their strategies and help bring in more sales, leading to further growth. Hence, the high ROI is attractive enough to draw the attention of the marketers and advertisers for all kinds of start-ups.

Rest all points are valid in case of conventional business owners are applicable for start-up owners as well.

Q5. Why all marketing and sales professionals must upgrade themselves with digital marketing certifications?

All marketing and sales professionals must not only upgrade themselves with digital marketing certifications but also gain sound experience in it as well. Reason being already established that all businesses are turning to digital modes of advertising and sales.
Hence, it totally makes sense for them, in fact, it’s a necessity since the nature of job profiles is switching from conventional to digital. Therefore, in order to survive, they need to upgrade. Not just to survive but to increase their career opportunities and aspirations as it’s the golden time for digital marketing in India right now.


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