Complete Information About Chatbot Development


Complete Information About Chatbot Development:

Chatbot is an Artificial Intelligence based computer program which is developed to use a specific algorithm along with the programming script for the sake of user’s convenience to perform a particular task even without the involvement of any human factor. Chatbots are developed using Artificial Intelligence based techniques and are hence ultimately efficient in solving extremely complicated tasks online. With the technological advancements and continuous spread of online messaging based services including Facebook messenger, Whatsapp, Skype etc, virtual chatbots are continuously in trend for solving several tasks utilizing Artificial Intelligence based online technologies and are therefore in huge demand since development. Working as an assistant and a virtual companion integrated into the websites, applications and instant messengers, chatbots frequently communicates via text messages and thereby helping the business entrepreneurs in getting much closer to their customers online using the automated system of communication. Chatbots are often required by the business entrepreneurs owing to their tremendous speed of processing up the user’s request and thereby gaining the customer’s trust. Frequent processing up of the user’s queries via instant messengers also benefits the users by saving their time and responding promptly utilizing the Artificial Intelligence based techniques.

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Chatbot Development :

Chatbot development procedures involve the use of extremely complicated backend tools utilizing the concepts of data mining, machine learning as well as natural language processing. Chatbot engines have been frequently developed by several companies having very intuitive graphical user interface which makes it easy for the engines to initiate the basic chatbot functionalities. To be more specific about the chatbot development, it’s architecture consist of bot engine, backend applications and the chat platforms. The supporting interface allows the developers as well as the business entrepreneurs to efficiently create the bots without any coding issues. Having a sole dependency of the chatbot environment upon Artificial Intelligence, the platform yet offers a user friendly interface with all the essential and advanced settings for customization and personalization.

The following list of steps are considered helpful for the development of chatbot :-

  • Opportunity identification for an Artificial Intelligence based chatbot :

Proper understanding up of the opportunities involved in the development of an Artificial Intelligence based chatbot is essential before building up of a chatbot.
There exists the following four primary types of activity models:-

  1. Efficiency
  2. Expert
  3. Effectiveness
  4. Innovation
  • Understanding up of the customer goals :

This step involves the client’s mentality behind the development of the chatbots. Proper investigation of this query by the designer keeping in view the motive of the customers for the development of this chatbot will help the designer better to develop a well designed chatbot environment to carry out specific tasks.

  • Chatbot conversation platform building:

Designing up the chatbot conversation by the concerned designer involves several structured and the unstructured conversations. Structured conversations are meant to deliver the logical flow involving menus, choices and several forms into the account, however, the unstructured conversation involves the plain text with free style designing. All the conversation with family and friends falls into this specific type of category.

  • Chatbot development using various frameworks or the development platforms :

Several bigger companies involving heavy customer interactions uses Chatfuel, and as the development or the non-coding platform owing to their better functionalities and enhanced user interaction based features. Better selection of such platforms ultimately results in a better development of the user friendly chatbot environment.


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