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Today we are talking about The Importance of Anchor Text for longtime keyword rich Anchor Text was the link building way if you wanted to rank you pick the keywords or words you wanted to rank for and then used one of those keywords as the link for every or nearly every link you built.

Let’s use an example.


A large percentage of your inbound links would have looked like spam recipes spam mails or maybe even spam specialties Google now clearly interprets exact match Anchor Text of this nature as a attempt to manipulate its algorithm. Many web master tool warnings due to unnatural links are really just a cause of Anchor Text. This doesn’t mean that you can’t have any keyword rich Anchor Text or there. It can’t be argued that you should in fact still have some links out there that use such text. The important word in the previous sentence is some. It’s all matter of amount. It’s relatively easy to avoid. There’s so many different ways to place Anchor Text.

Let’s Use our Friends at Majestic FCL was an example.

They created an infill graph that details how majestic FCL works the natural place to put their link would be as a caption at the bottom. Giving them credit for putting the info graph together.

Some examples of Anchor Text would be infographic courtesy of Majestic SEO Guide 2018 would be an example of branded Anchor Text.

  • Infographic courtesy of Majestic SEO. (Branded)

For more information click here to be considered white noise Anchor Text and a final example.

  • For more information, Click Here. (White Noise)

How majestic as the networks bring to small businesses. Bring as SEO to small businesses would be an example of long tailed Anchor Text in some regards the Anchor Text you use is just as significant to your link as the site is published on.

  • How Majestic SEO works. Bring SEO to small businesses. (long tail)

Not only will Anchor Text help determine the value of your links but it will also shape how your back linked portfolio looks to Google. If you’re not staying on top of Anchor Text best practices the links you build could appear unnatural to Google and result in your site being penalized in the early stages of linking most sites with simply the link with an exact you are the Anchor Text like essay writing.

For Example a link to page 1 power may look like this www(.)pageonepower(.)com. Let’s get an example of what not to do. I’m going to use a simple affiliate website. Someone has tried to use manipulative tactics to rank what we’re going to do is we going to take this or we’re going to plug it into majestic as SEO as you can see I’ve already done that. We’re looking at the root domain but we’re going to do is we’re going to slide down here.

Take a look at the Anchor Text over on the right you can actually see the Anchor Text. I find it’s little easier though to use the pie chart. The use of tactics such as this to try and game the system has results in Google Making updates to their algorithms that punished sites using this tactics.


Most the Penguin updates heavily penalize sites with large percentages of exact match Anchor Text and form the strategies people use today. It has become clear what type of Anchor Text strategies should be pursued and which should be avoided. Exact match Anchor text should be used and should only make up a small percentage of your backlift portfolio. The rest of your portfolio should consist of a combination of things to call an Anchor Text strategies involve branded Anchor Text such as pageonepower(.)com and partial match or long tailed Anchor Text partial match and long tailed Anchor Text include a partial phrase or protion of the keyword or term you trying to rank for rather than the exact term use of white noise.

Two Common Anchor Text Strategies

  1. Partial Match or Long Tailed Anchor Text
  2. White Noise Anchor Text

Anchor Text is another option that will help you round out your backlift portfolio. White noise Anchor Text refers refers to links that have the Anchor Text. Click here are usually around keywords or phrases in close proximity. These are the Anchor Text best practices that you should be employing so you can build a natural Backley profile that won’t get you penalize by Google.


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