07 Advertising strategies for your business


You’re a small business owner. You don’t have an endless marketing budget, or an abundance of time you can spend doing the marketing yourself for the matter. You do, however, need to market your products or services to remain competitive. What do you do?

Fortunately, there are plenty of marketing approaches small business owners can adapt to successfully market their businesses without breaking the bank!

  • Network Online

Don’t have time to physically go to networking events? Then participate in online networking activities instead. LinkedIn is the leader in social networking for professionals, so make the effort to be active there and on similar platforms.

  • Write a Blog

Writing and regularly updating a blog will help increase awareness of your brand. It will also help improve your website’s rankings on the search engines, making it more likely your business will be found online. Encourage readers to engage with your blog by asking questions and responding to any comments.
Get Savvy on Social Media
It’s free and it’s there for the taking. Establishing a presence on a few of the numerous social media platforms can help small businesses build up relationships with customers. Posting engaging content on social media can promote your services or products to a wide audience. Use Google Analytics to track the success of your social media marketing campaigns.

  • Attend Networking Events

We might be engulfed in the digital age, but face-to-face networking still holds great importance in the world of business marketing. Do a quick search on any relevant networking events in your area, and make the effort to attend them. How do you measure the success of networking, you might ask? How many business cards you’ve handed out, of course!

  • Experiment with Facebook Advertising

Join the two million small businesses actively advertising on Facebook. Facebook ads are an effective and inexpensive way for small businesses to market to their target audiences. Facebook advertising also excels in advanced targeting, which enables you to target a specific audience based on particular demographics, such as location, gender, age and interests.

The effectiveness of Facebook ads can be measured by creating a report that measures and monitors a number of metrics, such as the click-through rate of the adverts.

  • Create Landing Pages

A landing page is an important marketing tool for small businesses helping create awareness and engagement with specific content. Landing pages prompt visitors to provide data through different call-to-actions in exchange for information, which can result in a significant increase in conversions.

  • Create a Company Newsletter

A well-written newsletter can be a cost-effective way for small businesses to build communication and rapport with customers and prospects. To make your newsletter successful, keep the content informative, entertaining and digestible. These steps improve the chances of the newsletter being clicked on, opened and read when it’s sent out to your subscribers.



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