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      2. PRODUCTS
        Octanoic acid
        Product name: Octanoic acid
        English name: Octanoic acid
        CAS RN: 124-07-2
        Molecular formula: C8H16O2
        Molecular weight: 144.21
        Properties: Colorless and transparent liquid, no mechanical impurity.
        Quality index:
        Content %: ≥99.0 Iodine value(g/100g): ≤0.5
        Color: ≤50apha Freezing point(℃): 15-18
        Acid value(mgKOH/g): 382-390 Moisture: ≤0.2
        Saponification value(mgKOH/g): 384-390 Unsaponifiable matter%: ≤0.5
        Packing: 25kg or 180kg plastic drum
        Use: Used in the synthesis of dye, spice and medicine, in the preparation of insecticide, fungicide, etc.
        Structural formula:



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