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      2. PRODUCTS
        Butynoic acid
        Product name: Butynoic acid
        English name: Butynoic acid
        CAS RN: 107-92-6
        Molecular formula: C4H8O2
        Molecular weight: 88.11
        Properties: Colorless and transparent liquid with the frangrance of butter. It can be used in the preparation of spices, synthetic raw materials, organic intermediates, etc.
        Quality index:
        Index: Food grade QB/T2796-2010 Relative density(25/25℃): 0.952-0.960
        Refractive index(20℃): 1.3970-1.3990 Boiling range(160-165℃)(V/V): ≥95.0%
        Content %: ≥99.0 Heavy metal[in Pb]: ≤10mg/kg
        Packing: 25kg or 200kg plastic drum  



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