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        Hui Shan New attempting to use lactic acid bacteria to go high-end market


        Lactic acid bacteria beverage hot market led Huishan join. Recently, Huishan first introduced the "Flower of fruits and vegetables Jane" topic in the product, namely "fruit + vegetables + milk" lactic acid bacteria beverage. Vice President Hui Shan Dairy Group Yindong Li said that this is the high-end market to Hui Shan foundation.
        From the initial Yakult, Wei Chuan began, lactic acid bacteria beverage products dairy prices are becoming a standard product line, Yili, Mengniu, Bright, Junlebao and other companies have launched their own lactic acid bacteria beverage products, and good market response. Statistics show that in recent years, lactic acid bacteria beverage market continues to maintain a rapid growth, in 2014 the market size has been over ten billion yuan, the dairy industry has become the fastest growing category. For Hui Shan, in 2016 the layout of lactic acid bacteria beverage market and not too early, Hui Shan will catch up on how to do it? In this regard Yindong Li said Hui Shan's new home is lactic acid bacteria beverage containing real fruit and vegetable juice, and I hope this product become explosion models, there will be 10-20 one hundred million yuan a year or more in sales.



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