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        Yakult, Wei Chuan, Mengniu occupy the top three lactic acid bacteria beverage


        With the rapid growth of the market, the number of brands of lactic acid bacteria also rapidly growing. Entered after 2016, this category showing a more fiery momentum of development, a lot of dairy products, beverage industry giants have cut into the market.
        With the front-line business to join the competitive situation lactic acid industry further. However, with increasing consumer awareness, relying on the power of the channel, in line with the concept of health is bound to lactic acid market continued expansion, low lactic acid bacteria beverage scale will continue to expand in the future.
        In this trend, the major lactic acid bacteria in the product, brand, taste, and other aspects of channel moves frequently, remodeling market new pattern. In Wei Chuan example, the new version upgrade new sugar lactobacillus in 2016, open the industry, "Light of sugar and doctrine."
        Nielsen data show that in 2015 total sales of yogurt drink market 10.981 billion yuan, of which the low temperature of about 7.846 billion yuan of lactic acid bacteria. The industry structure after reset, Yakult, Wei Chuan, Mengniu occupy the top three market low of lactic acid bacteria.
        Wherein the lactic acid bacteria as a domestic beverage industry who adhere Hangzhou Wei Chuan Food Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Wei Chuan") of its products Wei Chuan lactic acid bacteria favorite of consumers, to maintain double-digit growth for three consecutive years, 2015 more the impact of 10 billion mark, the achievements of lactic acid industry, "strength"!



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