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        Jane Flower Festival hit fruit and vegetable lactic acid bacteria


        In recent years, as China's economic development, residents' consumption habits changed greatly. 85, 90, 00 after the dairy industry is gradually becoming the main consumer groups. This part of the consumer demand for dairy products has evolved from the simple pursuit of safety and quality, up to the demands of nutrition and personality. This trend changes, so that lactic acid bacteria beverage dairy industry has become the fastest growing category. According to monitoring data AC Nielsen FMCG showed that nearly two years at room temperature yogurt drink market continues to maintain a rapid growth, the growth rate remained steady at 40%. According to industry sources, in 2014 the market size of lactic acid bacteria has been ten billion yuan, the current major domestic milk prices have the layout of the field of lactic acid bacteria, we can see that the category has a huge space for development in the future. Liquor Merchants http://www.tangjiu.com/baijiu
        In the wave of changing society, the traditional enterprises, only close to consumer demand, will it be possible to maintain the original consumers in the changing market, and try to attract new target customers. Huishan relying on its own high-quality milk, on the basis of lactic acid bacteria added to fruit and vegetable juices, and product innovation, take the lead in forming a differential advantage in the same market. According to vice president of Huishan Group Yindong Li introduced, lactic acid bacteria beverage consumers are mostly young people, add juice is closer to the young consumer demand for nutrition and health.
        In addition to focusing on nutrition mix, the Huishan on the product packaging is also attached great importance to the individual needs of young people, Hui Shan launched "Jane Flower Fruit" customized version of the product, shaped like a microphone, music and fashion elements into animation packaging, highlighting the vitality of youth and product ideas, to narrow the distance between the target customer base.
        "Cross" is, very popular in the moment, all walks of life are intended to achieve cross-border integration industry. In this process, the premise of different brands to achieve win-win cross-border inter-product to both commonalities and complementarities, especially on the complementarity and common user experience. Mutual integration between complementary brands, multi-angle can reflect the characteristics of the product, further open up the chain of consumption, enhance consumer perceptions of the brand as a whole, resulting in more tension brand association, led a successful cross-marketing.



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