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        Lactobacillus market new products one after another


        Recently, unified its star product "Little Ming students' introduction of new packaging, new flavors turned out to be" lactic acid fermentation flavor. " Experts said the move is to take this chance to unify the rapid growth of "Little Ming students' products, lactic acid bacteria into lactic acid bacteria beverage market tastes curve. Rum www.tangjiu.com
        And different unity, Bright direct introduction of new lactic acid bacteria beverage. After six months in development and several market research, early February of this year, "bright fresh vitality of lactic acid bacteria drinks," the official listing of product specifications for 330ml / bottle, shelf life of six months, the core selling point is "a bottle of fresh, full of vitality . " Liquor www.tangjiu.com
        Mengniu new "go free" yoghurt drinks also officially put into operation in January this year. In the channels, Mengniu proposed a "drink" of the sales strategy: selection of high-quality customers operating at room temperature lactic acid products, distribution channels, focus, and use the terminal stores tasting way to enhance customer intelligence, in the traditional wholesale channels, retail outlets spread quickly penetrate the rural market town.



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